Is it time to add more staff to my practice?

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The process of becoming a dentist and starting your practice can seem impossible. Over the years, you hope that all the time, money and effort will pay off, and when your practice starts to grow, it is an exciting time.

It can take a long time to build a reputation in your community. Once word starts to spread, however, it can seem like your practice expands dramatically overnight.

Here are some signs it is time to add to the staff of your dental practice.

You are turning down clients

Any growing business will go through growing pains. There will be a time when you cannot take every patient who wants an appointment, but you cannot expand.

Eventually, as your practice grows, it will be time to add to your team. Before hiring someone, you may not be able to support, keep track of the number of patients who are eager to book an appointment. Consider what has changed in your business and advertising that may explain the increase in calls.

Demand for a skill you do not have

Knowing what you are good at is essential to any successful business. Over the years, you may have developed some skills more than others because that is what your patients needed.

At first, it may be most cost-effective to refer clients to another office where they can get the additional services they need. As time goes on, however, you may notice that there is enough demand to hire someone who can add to the services you offer.

Your staff need more support

It may not be time to add another dentist to your practice, but your other staff may be overwhelmed by your office’s growing schedule. Keep in mind that your team may not be comfortable telling you that they have too much on their plates. In addition to talking to your support staff, watch for signs, such as:

  • Declines in productivity
  • Incomplete paperwork
  • Cynical attitudes

As your practice expands, your team will appreciate open communication. Make sure to let them know that you understand that they are under a lot of pressure and tell them the timeframe for when there will be more help.

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