Why businesses must keep an eye on the law

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For any business owner, there is nothing more important than understanding the practical legal realities in your industry. A key example of this principle would be the news surrounding a law aimed at dentists that worked its way through the California legislature over the last few years.

Caleb’s Law was signed in 2016 and designed to change how dentists in California use anesthesia during dental procedures. However, despite a very public push, the bill was placed on hold after legislative changes were made that the bill’s sponsors did not want. The story of Caleb’s Law shows us exactly what businesses can do to protect their interests.

The initial concern

As it was with Caleb’s Law, restrictive and obstructive legislation of small businesses can start with a real problem, such as an honest mistake, the actions an unethical professional or a tragic, unforeseeable accident. However, most professionals are working ethically within their profession and taking responsible steps to protect their clients and themselves. When a tragedy strikes, despite the underlying cause, the public response can be out of proportion and damaging.

The response from business

Small businesses make up a huge part of the economic fiber of any community, but they are run by regular people. People who vote. People who show up to town hall meetings. People who talk to representatives. In this way, a businessperson can bring concerns directly to their public officials regarding the restrictive sides of new legislation.

The need for constant vigilance

Acting locally can define an entire industry for a profession. With Caleb’s Law, because of the actions of engaged professionals, the changes do not come into effect just yet. Instead, as the Times of San Diego reports, the professional organizations involved will research the most effective way to protect lives. For some concerns, it is often more efficient and more effective to leave the discipline and implementation of standards to the experts involved.